Tugas Bahasa Inggris “Cerpen”

One Nurunin zippers
Tumini an adult female employee of a foreign private office would go to work that morning and again waiting for the bus home town at the mouth of the alley. As usual clothing worn quite tight, semi-mini skirt, so that the body which increasingly looks sexy groove likunya.

City bus came, tumini trying to ride through the back door, but her feet really are not up to the bus stairs. Recognizing the tightness of her skirt, left hand stuck to the back to lose a little bit loose so that her skirt zipper.

But, ough, still not able to ride. He repeated to lower the zipper of her skirt again. Not able to ride well into the bus stairs. To attempt a third time, not until she lowered her skirt zipper again, there is suddenly a strong hand pushed her ass from behind until Marini and jumped into the bus.

Tumini look back to know who is pushing it, there were long-haired youth who see Tumini grinning.

“Hey, you insolent. How dare not grasp the hands-ass decent people! “


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