Tugas Soft Skill Bahasa Inggris

Cibinong, February 10th, 2009

Subject: Job Application

Human Resources Manager
PT. Hand’s Parmantindo
Jl. Bumi Raya Sentoda No. 5


Bpk. Bambang Satrio, an assistant editor at PT. Hand’s Parmantindo, inform me about the plan to develop the Ministry of Finance PT. Hand’s Parmantindo.
In connection with this matter, let me ask myself (apply for a job) to join the development plan of PT. Hand’s Parmantindo.

About myself, can I explain as follows:
Name : Andi gunawan
Place & date. Born : Probolinggo, August 5, 1979
End of Education : Bachelor of Accounting University of Gunadarma – depok
Address : Perum Depok New 1, Block No.3 ZT, Cibinong   16,913

Telephone, Mobile : 021-87965413, Hp : 085698641990

E-mail : penjahatkelamin_13 @ yahoo.com

Marital Status : single
Currently I am working at PT. Singo flamboyant Earth, as a staff accounting and taxation, with the main focus of work in the fields of finance and taxation.

For your consideration, I enclose:

1. Curriculum Vitae.
2. Photocopy of diploma S-1.
3. Photocopy of certificate courses / training.
4. Recent photograph.

I hope to be given a chance interview, and can explain more in depth about myself. As implied in the resume (curriculum vitae), I have the educational background, experience, potential and a hard worker.

So I have to say. Thank you for your attention.


Andi Gunawan

Curriculum Vitae


Personal Details


Full Name                    : Andi Gunawan
Sex                              : Male
Place, Date of Birth      : Probolinggo, August 5, 1979
Nationality                    : Indonesian
Marital Status               : Single
Height, Weight  : 170 cm, 70 kg
Health                          : Perfect
Religion                        : Christian
Address                       : Perum Depok New 1, Block No.3 ZT, Cibinong   16,913
Mobile                         : 085698641990
Phone                           : 021-87965413
E-mail                          : penjahatkelamin_13 @ yahoo.com


Educational Background


1985 – 1991    : Gajahmada Elementary School, Probolinggo
1991 – 1994    : Junior High School No.1, Probolinggo
1994 – 1997    : Senior High School No.1, Probolinggo
1997 – 2001    : Accounting Department at the University of Gunadarma, Depok


Course & Education


1998 – 1999    : Computer & Internet Course at Puskom Gilland Ganesha, Depok

1999 – 2002    : English Language Course at LBA Gilland Ganesha, Depok
2004 – 2004    : Tax Course (Brevet A & B) di FAIUP, Depok




1.      Accounting & Administration Skills (Journal Printing & Calculation, Ledger, Petty Cash Payroll & Calculation, Inventory Controls, Project Data Updating, Teller, Salary Caldulation).

2.      Taxation System.

3.      Computer Literate (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Outlook).

4.      Internet Literate.




Working Experience

Working at PT. Flamboyan Bumi Singo, Cibinong

Period              : August 2001 – February 2009
Purpose            : Permanently working
Position            : Accounting & Taxation staff

Job’s Description :

  • Payroll Staff;
  • Project’s data updating;
  • Business correspondences;
  • Expatriates documentation filling & follow up;
  • Translation;
  • Appointment arrangement;
  • Filling anda data updating;
  • Arranged of business trip schedule;
  • Meeting budget arrangement;
  • Procurement filling, inventory control, and administration asistant;
  • Preparing for breakdown statement for the project, preparing intern finance circular correspondences, and preparing for the presentation materials;
  • Issuing invoice & receipt for vendor and customers;
  • Inventory Controller;
  • Preparation of purchase requirement and purchase order;
  • Invoice & payment arrangement.


Cibinong , February 10th, 2009



Andi Gunawan






PT. Hand’s Parmantindo
Jl. Bumi Raya Sentoda No. 5



March 10th, 2009


Attachments: –
Subject: Letter Replies

Yth. Andi Gunawan’s brother

Di Depok

In relation to the letter dated 10 February 2009, regarding a job application, we submit the following:

1. We welcome your cover letter.
2. For further information, you can directly come to the place to do interviews about the job position and job opportunities, we hope you deign to prepare for the potential in the preparation and work readiness.

Thus, for your attention we give our thanks.

Head of Personnel

PT. Hand’s Parmantindo



Bpk. Bambang Satrio. Se

NIP : 02020127


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