Tugas Bahasa Inggris “Experience During The Holiday”

Experience During The Holidays

When my friend who had worked at a tutoring informs that the guidance I learned it was in need of more employees. Employees required is a suitable instructor for I take chances. Hoping to become teachers of mathematics and earned on these tutorials, I came with a cover letter, CV, and any other requirements requested. That day I was asked to take some tests. A few days later, I and some other friends to take the test field of study, interviews, psychological test, and a series of other tests, including tests of “Nature”. At the end of the test, there are 5 people who pass the time and one of them is I do. It felt good opportunity to work in a place that according to the ability I have.

Now I’ve entered the world of work. It felt tired to work, when only a little while to feel it. Starting from very basic training at all so-called basic training. Times exhausting. Just imagine starting from 9 o’clock until 12 o’clock should berkegiatan. Not the usual activities, energy and thought I was using. Power to make a sound for it (think I am relatively long time, because rarely do) and thought about the subject matter that must be submitted. Does not stop there, after that I was asked to perform a boring observation. While teaching in the classroom with students, I also still have to follow some training is carried out early morning hours of teaching before arriving.

That’s the hard work that I experienced at the beginning of the world of work. Think hard, but probably not by anyone else. I am not a rich kid, but I mean it worked hard to achieve my goals of my children were born as a rich kid. I have to make ends meet I started from now with work, no longer can rely on their parents. It’s hard work was exhausting. I change the perception that the used to working hard, I’ll get used to deal with difficult things. Working hard I can, let alone work less hard.

I actually have the right to complain over such circumstances. I was complaining because I was so weak. Not that I am less grateful for the shortcomings I have this. I just realized that I am helpless without God’s help. All of this power by means of you, my God.


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